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Good Jobs coming back

So as i watch CSPAN i came across a “Insourcing American Jobs” forum at the white house. And since the past three years call center and technical jobs have been brought back to America. Prior to this 30 percent of these jobs were across sea’s and now only 12 percent is across. These jobs are not minimum wage as the lady stated and though they require a high school degree college degrees arent required for starting positions. She gave a few examples for some people working there and are now in the middle class. She also stated that she has an employee at the age of 98! For the technical jobs and with a college degree she stated that employees salary range around 80-100,000 a year! John Heppner (Master Lock Company) president and CEO he stated that his company is looking for technical jobs, and is eagerly searching for tech students who want apprenticeships. Karen Mill is administrator and she talked about how they are attempting to change the fear of manufacturing jobs since they are increaseing, working with parents and student insuring that these are new technical manufacturing jobs. They expect another 8000 additional workers in the call centers. This is happening because products in china arent at a good quality and of course many other reasons. Another problem with company’s are facing are having accessed to raw products that may be sold across sea’s…. its been a problem because of the cost of buy and transport those products here. 

Posted: Wed January 11th, 2012 at 3:17pm
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